Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
I think this Monday I`ll be going to Costco to celebrate my birthday. Halloween here isn`t celebrated. Day of the Dead starts on the 2nd of November and I think it lasts about a week. The name of the girl we baptized is Pascualla (Pas). We have a father and a daughter from a part member family preparing for baptism this Saturday. The daughter will be ready, and if the husband can commit to stop drinking (he drinks once or twice a month), we will baptize him also. We found out that the couple in the picture I sent last week isn`t married, so we will have to wait on that. We`ve been asking the members in Telchaquillo to talk to our investigators, because we haven`t had any contact with them for over a week. Hopefully we can get a hold of them. All they need is 1 more lesson and an interview. We have another lady that we have planned for the 18th. I took out 1200 pesos from the birthday money and another 800 for extra expenditures that I have made (food, transport, more white clothing). Normally the mission money covers everything else. Every 2 weeks they pass around a list in R.S. and they sign up for the days that they want to give us lunch. I`ve been making a lot of pancakes for breakfast lately. This month I`ll be planning out what to do for breakfast and dinner. I only have $13 to spend, and I am going to try to find something that is inexpensive and sufficient. I`m not going to do anything about the glasses. The red lines have gone away and there isn`t as much sun this time of year. I`ll be in a different area by the time the sun gets stronger. To protect Elders from the hurricane, they took out all of the zones in Quintana Roo and sent them to live with us for a few days. We got 2 elders from a pueblo in Yucatan called Tizimin. 1 of them had served in Kanasin before and the other had done several divisions in this area. My companion and I divided with them and worked with them from Wednesday to Friday. There was a cold wind that came from the north, and I think that stopped the hurricane. I don`t think there was very much damage. It was supposed to be raining a lot here, but we hardly got anything.

Elder Gubler

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