Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 19. 2012 letter

Dear Family,

I`ve been making a list of everything I need to let you know this week.  Here you go. Bring my drivers license, just incase they need it in the airport. Talk to President Smith to find out about my being released on Monday when we get home.

Meet me in the offices between 8 and 9, the sooner the better.  The address is calle 45 entre 70 and 72, num. 527 Q, colonia centro.  It's a little confusing with a lot of one-way streets, and I recommend you check it out with google earth and street views.  The building is a 2 story pink building.   You can park on the curb in front.  If it looks too confusing, you could go in taxi, or go to the temple and walk from there.  Its about 10 blocks north from the entrance of the temple.  You may want to check out Xel Ha or Xcaret while you are in Cancun.

There is a family in Kanasin that has lots of financial difficulties, and if you would like, it would be nice to buy some Christmas presents for the kids.  They have boys ages 3, 5, 6, 9, and 14, and a girl that is 16.  I´d like to give some butterfingers away to my companions for Christmas.  Could you bring 5.  When you are at the beach, don`t go in the water if there are red flags out.  Yellow flags are fine.  Some people ignore them, but stay safe.

Bring 2 packs of Jerky.  Bring 2-4 jellys.  Bring pants, it may get a little chilly.  I wouldn`t worry about a sweat shirt.  I´ll be fine with the suitcases.  I won`t have any extra luggage.  

I´ll see you next Thursday.  I`ll write on monday.

Elder Gubler