Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 10, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

The training is going pretty well. One of the pictures I'm sending is of 4 of us that came here at the same time (the one on the left was my companion from the MTC). He is also a DL and trainer. The red head was called as a sr. companion after 2 transferes and is training his 2nd missionary. His first trainee has less than 4 months in the mission and is already training. He`s one of the guinea pigs for this program. The goal is that after 12 weeks the new missionaries can be trainers. We have a booklet that tells us what to study as a companionship. We have 2 hours everyday of companionship study except Monday and Thursday. Elder Velasco is 18. He got baptized at age 9. His dad was a member. He studies the English booklet from the MTC everyday. Well, it was a little different for the first 2 days, but I`ve adjusted to being sr. companion. Now I can decide where to go and what to do. We should be having district exchanges every month. It's just me, my new companion, Elder Gubler, and his new companion. Pretty soon I am going to arrange things so I have more time on Pday. I bought more clothes so I only have to wash every 2 weeks, and there is a member close by that washes for us when we ask, so I`ll only have to wash about once a month. We can`t travel to the pueblos on pday. I only see the pyramid as we pass by on the bus to Telchaquillo. Well we should be seeing a few baptisms at the end of the month. We have 3 investigadores in Telchaquillo that want to get baptized and we have a few new families here in Kanasin. We got a reference from a member to go visit a part member family. The husband and daughter aren`t members. They went to church on Sunday and he had a great experience there. We also found a really great family. We contacted a guy that turned out to be drunk. We went with him back to his house, and after a little bit of talking, convinced him to pour out his beer. As we were leaving we noticed that the neighbors were watching. We went and contacted them and taught them. They liked what we did with their neighbor. The husband is reading the Book of Mormon but couldn`t go to church, but says that this Sunday he will go. Well thats it for this week.

Elder Gubler

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