Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

I got to baptize Naomi on Saturday and confirm her on Sunday.  Her mom and siblings are members.  The only one left is her dad.  He told us that he didn`t feel ready.  Hopefully he will be ready soon.  We lost the best investigator I´ve had because she has to work on Sundays.  If she doesn`t work Sunday mornings, she can go to church and be baptized.  Of all the investigators we`ve had, we`ll probably get 2 more baptisms this month.  We are going to try and find more investigators.  I saw Elder Smith twice, and will be seeing him at the zone conferences.  He is in the zone right next to us, and his area includes part of Kanasin.  He doesn`t know Brother Watkins that well.  I think he is a nephew of Sister Watkins.  I`m almost done with a program so that I can go to the temple with President Salinas.  Elder Gubler already finished it, but still hasn`t gone, so maybe we can go together.  Has Braun Kimball already gotten back from his mission?  He is in New Zealand, but I can`t remember when he left. 

We had daylight savings last week.  Of course, I had no idea it had arrived.  On Saturday night, I decided we were going to leave the house a little bit earlier so we wouldn`t have to worry as much about being late to church.  One of the things that takes time in the morning is heating up water to bath with.  I decided that I would set an alarm for 6:17 so I could plug in the hot water heater, fall back asleep, and wake up with the cell phone alarm at 6:30, ready to get in the shower.  During the night the cell phone automatically set back an hour, but the alarm set for 6:17 didn`t.  I woke up at 5:02 (cell phone time) and was relieved that I still had over an hour before the alarm would go off.  I fell back asleep, and was suddenly woken up by the alarm set for 6:17.  I felt that the hour and fifteen minutes had gone by really quickly.  I plugged in the water heater, and went back to sleep.  I woke up again about 28 minutes later, and seeing the time on the phone at 5:45.  I got really worried because I thought I had woken up late (against the rules) and on top of that couldn`t figure out why the phone would change back an hour.  I rushed to get ready, and my companion and I got to church, exactly an hour early.  We figured out what happened when we saw that nobody else was there.  I won`t forget next year. 

Elder Gubler

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