Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 17, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

There isn´t any course to be a trainer.  They just talked with us an hour before we got our companions and afterwards told us a little bit about the new training program.  The picture of the 4 of us in suits is from that day.  All of us started the mission at the same time.  The one farthest to my right is my companion from the MTC.  The picture of the 7 of us sitting on the floor was taken at a district meeting.  The district was taking pictures and I jumped in on one of them.  The majority of the people here sleep in hammocks, and I think we use them also because it's easier than having beds in all of the missionary houses. 

On Wednesday I called Elder Gubler in the morning.  He told me he wasn´t feeling good and wouldn´t be working that day.  Later on at around 5:00 p.m. I got a call from the President´s wife telling me to go take Elder Gubler to the hospital.  We went over to the church and met up with him and his companion.  We gave our companions the keys and a phone and sent them on their way while I waited with Elder Gubler for a taxi.  He had passed out twice that day and really wasn´t feeling well.  We got in a taxi and went to the hospital.  We got there around 7:00.  The doctor checked him out.  Elder Gubler had strep throat and was also dehydrated.  They hooked him up to an I.V. around 8:15.  They said he would be there for 6-8 hours.  I notified the President and his wife, and stayed there with Elder Gubler.  I asked the nurses if I could use the bed next to Elder Gubler.  They said it would be fine.  Around 10:30 the mission president and his wife came to visit.  They had just gotten back from some meetings in Cancun.  They visited with us for a little bit and then left.  I went to sleep in the hospital bed around 11:00.  It was the first time I had used a bed since the MTC.  At 12:45 they woke me up and told me to wait in the lobby.  Elder Gubler came out at about 1:20 a.m.  We called the financial secretary and he and the AP came, paid the bill (about $150), and drove us back to Kanasin where we dropped off Elder Gubler and picked up my companion from the other house, and then they drove us to our house.  We got back at 3:00 a.m.  Elder Gubler is fine now.  I asked him about Bruce Gubler, Dad's friend from Dixie College days.  He said he´s his great uncle. I don´t think you should mention the hospital story to Elder Gubler´s family because he doesn´t want them to worry. 

We have 2 baptisms planned for my birthday.  We also have 2 other families that we are working with.  The drunk guy I told you about last week is reading the Book of Mormon, but he has trouble with going to church because he is military.  Next Monday I´m going to Costco for my birthday and we are going to eat there.  Ask Brother Elmer how much Jordan weighs.  I bet we are about the same.

Elder Gubler

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