Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 24, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

Today I didn`t get much of a chance to celebrate my 20th birthday.  I think I`ll go to Costco in a week or 2.  Today I went to the mission offices where I picked up my 3rd DVD player from them.  When I first got to Kanasin the DVD player worked, but after a week it stopped working.  After a month and a half I went to the offices to exchange it.  I opened up the new one, turned it on,  but of course it didn`t work.  It only worked if I put a Book of Mormon on top of the player.  After watching it 2 times, the Book of Mormon trick didn't work anymore, and so I asked the offices to send another.  I got it, turned it on, put in the DVD, and it doesn`t read the DVD.  Today I went back the the offices, gave them the 2 DVD players that don`t work, and finally got one that works.  When we finish writing today we are going to eat pizza and I'm going to watch Legacy.  After we got back from the offices I cleaned the bathroom while my companion washed his clothes in a bucket.  We have interviews this week so we are trying to get the house looking nice.  This morning my companion and I chopped down the weeds in the front yard with a machete.  I`m going to buy a new hammock for my birthday.  My companion from the MTC knows a member that has connections with the prison.  That's where the best hammocks are made.  I might even be able to get my name weaved into the hammock.  Elder Spencer Gubler is going to buy ice cream tonight for district meeting.  I bought myself a nice fry pan a few weeks ago as an early birthday present.  I think I might also buy a small extension cord to use in the house.  In the house we are in right now, all of the outlets only have 1 plug in.  Elder Gubler goes home in the first week of February.  I invited him to the house and told him about the deal that you can fly from Vegas to Visalia.  I also told him he could go to the beach house.  He got sick from drinking some water that wasn`t purified.  The loss of fluids while he was sick caused dehydration.  I sent a few pictures.  The picture at night is with our convert that we baptized in September.  She is on the right.  The indoor picture is of the family that we are teaching right now.  The husband is the one that we helped dump out his beer.  The other picture is of our lunch yesterday.  Chicken, pork, beef, lamb, chicken wings, and 3 types of sausages.  We had tons of food left over.  They were going to throw it out but I took it to some members that don`t have very much.  We aren't going to have our baptisms tomorrow.  We haven`t been able to teach our investigatores so they have to wait.  Hopefully it will be soon.  Can you check how much I have in my account?  I took out 2000 pesos, and I think the exchange rate is really good right now. 

Elder Gubler

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