Monday, April 23, 2012

Baptism of Fernando, Elders Gubler and Taylor

Missionary conference

Cancun resort highrises in distance

Sleeping outdoors in Cancun

Moto-taxi at church house

April 23, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

Last week after I finished writing, we went to eat, grab our bags, and left for Mérida.  We cut it a little bit too close to getting there on time, but everything was fine.  On the bus ride over we watched the Doctrine and Covenants DVD which includes the Joseph Smith movie, John Tanner, the guy that worked on the SL temple with a peg-leg, Legacy, and Mountain of the Lord.  The last movie finished up as we were arriving in Cancun.  We got to the stake center, got assigned to a missionary house, and then took a taxi.  There were 10 missionaries in  the house.  There was only enough hooks to have 8 hammacks, so I slept outside on the balcony with a missionary from Utah.  It was nice to have the breeze and see the clouds passing by at night.  It rained a little bit at 1:00, but it wasn`t a lot.  The other missionary didn`t even notice.  We got up early, got ready, and left.  We got there at 7:00 (they asked us to be seated at 8:00), and there was a large line of missionaries waiting.  We were among the last to get in.  Elder Anderson got there at 9:00.  There were also 2 members of the 70.  Everyone went up by rows to shake his hand.  I told him Keith Brimhall said "hi", and he kept hold of my hand and asked me how I knew him.  We talked for about 30-40 seconds while everyone else was lined up behind me.  Afterwards a few other missionaries asked me what he told me.  

He talked about how we shouldn´t baptize if the person isn`t ready.  President Monson had said that we should wait and prepare them better.  He talked about education.  He also talked about repentance and said that sometimes we don`t forget about sins because the Lord doesn`t want us to make mistakes, but with time we remember less and less, then there will come a time when we are praying and will remember a sin.  We will ask if we are forgiven and will feel the spirit when we do. 

On the bus ride back there wasn`t any movie, so a group of us gathered in the back of the bus and started talking.  One of the topics was High School Musical.  One of the Elders went to East High, and another one was actually in the movie (but he never watched it).  They said that Zack and Cordin are really short.  The basket ball hoops were lowered and they had to film about 10 times before they actually made the shot. 
This week we had baptisms.  I sent pictures. 

Elder Gubler

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012 letter

Dear Family,
I`ll be leaving for Merida in about an hour, and then on to Cancun.  We won`t be allowed to see anything in Cancun.  When we get off the bus we go directly to the Missionaries house and aren`t allowed to leave from there.  The next day we wake up early and go directly to the Stake Center, and from there back to Merida.
Today, while in the parking lot of the grocery store I saw a lady that, from behind, looked like a member from Champoton.  As we got closer I realized that it was her.  We stopped and said "hi".  She moved in with her son`s family around the corner from us. 

This week we should be having 4 baptisms.  The couple that have known the missionaries for about 2 months are finally going to get married this week.  There is also the boyfriend of a member and a girl from Chapab. 
I`m glad to hear that Mitt Romney is going to win the Republican vote.  These last  4 years have gone by really fast.  Too bad I won't get to vote for him. 
Over here in Ticul we had some hail.  There was also a lot of rain on Wednesday.  I was in divisions in Muna (about 8 miles away) and we traveled back that night.  It was raining really hard, and we walked to downtown to get the bus.  We got off the bus in Ticul and there was a lot of water in the streets.  We got back to the house completely soaked.  A few minutes later my companion and the other missionary got back to the house.  We got into dry clothes, ate my freeze-dried lasagna (that Mom sent me), and the 4 of us slept in Ticul. 

Don`t forget to take to boat out.  Also, you can use the hose hookup to run the engine a little bit to keep it in good condition.  To rev the engine, push the black circle on the throttle and move the throttle forward at the same time.   That will keep the boat in neutral.  Is the honda 90 still working?
Elder Gubler

Monday, April 9, 2012

Outside of Elder Gubler's Ticul, Mexico house

Inside Ticul, Mexico residence of Elder Gubler

April 9, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

Sorry the email didn`t go through.  The file was too large.  The computer said that it sent last week.  I got a call from President Salinas Wednesday morning telling me that you didn`t get my email.  I sent it again today.  This past week was good.  On Sunday we did divisions so that 1 of us could stay in Ticul and the other go to Chapab for church.  I went with a member in his mototaxi ( like the one from Nacho Libre) to Chapab.  We found the rented house in Chapab where the meetings are held, left our backpacks there, and went out to bring the investigators to church.  An inactive family that we are teaching didn`t want to go, but with a little more talking they agreed to let their daughter (our investigador), and her little sister go with us.  Their aunt also went along.  Across the street from this family lives the other investigators.  The 2 of them went with us also.  We had a total of 5 adults and 2 girls travel in the mototaxi.  The 5 of them rode in the cart in front, and I rode on the back of the motorcycle with the member.  We got them to church, and fortunately the Branch President had moved the services to 10:00 a.m., so we didn`t miss anything.

This month should be good.  We have 4 baptisms planned for the 21st.  Jorge and Victoria are a couple that should be getting married soon.  Once they get married, they can get baptized.  Yesterday we started teaching Fernando, the boyfriend of a member.  He has been going to church the last few weeks, including conference, and accepted a date for the 21st.  The last one is Johanna, the little girl from the family in Chapab. 

Next week the entire mission is going to Cancun.  We are going to see Elder Neil L. Andersen.  We leave Monday at 2:30 p.m. from the Stake Center in Merida.  We spend the night in houses of other missionaries.  We should have about 10 missionaries per house.  I was told 16 but I don`t think it will be that many.  On Tuesday morning we`ll listen to him.

I`ll be writing early next week also.

Elder Gubler

Baptism of 9 year old

Restaurant in Ticul, Mexico

At lunch with Elder Taylor at Top 10 restaurant

Queso Relleno

Grilled pork lunch special

April 2, 2012

Dear Family,
We live on street 48 between 17a and 17.   Across the street is a little open field with houses on the other side.  Our house is next to an empty lot.  It has gates with diagonal bars going both ways.  If you go to the maps on you can see the meeting houses.  Uxmal is off limits.  The only reason I could go to Izamal was because the pyramid was inside the area.  The restuarant was great.  I got ´Queso Relleno´  The thing at the top part of my plate that looks like a peach cut in half is a type of cheese with some ground meat filling.  The rest of the plate is bits of cheese, pork, tomatos, onions, and the sauce is called Kol.  It's made out of flour and milk.  Elder Taylor ordered grilled pork.  We each got soda.  The total came out to 190 pesos.  Don`t worry about reimbursing it. 

As district leader I do divisions about every transfer.  I interview their investigators.  The zone leaders come to interview ours.  This past week we had a baptism.  The parents are members but don`t go very often because of work.  The daughter turned 9 on Wednesday and they wanted to have her baptism that day so that she would always remember it.  Because she is 9, it's registered as a convert baptism.  We taught her twice and she was ready.  There is another couple that can be baptized once they get married. 
General Conference was great.  We had to have investigators if we wanted to go Saturday morning and afternoon.  We got there and were waiting for investigators to show up Saturday, but nobody came.  We still watched it though because a member brought her boyfriend.  We got to go to Priesthood session regardless if we had investigators.  Once again we got surprised by the time change.  It was what I thought was 9:00 and was cleaning up an egg that fell when I got an electrical shock from cracking it (don`t ask me how because I don`t know), when all of a sudden a member pulled up to take us to conference.  We got ready quickly and left.  I cleaned up the egg at night.  2 investigators made it to the afternoon session on sunday.
Elder Gubler