Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

The pictures from last week were from Telchaquillo.  The blurry picture was of a Mayan pyramid in one of the pueblos along the way.   The bus passed by and I got a picture.  I´ll have to get a better picture next time.  The picture of the house is the chapel in Telchaquillo.  Its still not officially a branch, but I think it's in the process.  When we were going to visit the references there, I had a member take pictures of us as we were walking.  And the other picture is of a cebu (from veggie tales).  We are still in the same house here.  The owner came by and replaced some pipes, but we still don´t have water.  I think the problem now is that the water isn´t making it to the tank on the roof.  I'm going to check it today.  We got to see the Sunday morning session.  Our investigators from Telchaquillo went to the session also.  We could have gone to priesthood session also, but we were in Telchaquillo that day.  We start all of the lessons with hymns, unless we are in a hurry.  We also start companion study with a hymn.  Well as I said yesterday, I'm now a trainer.  I would have gotten my companion yesterday, but they had Americans arriving in the evening so they held off the new missionary training until both groups were together.  Yesterday we got a tempory Elder from Mexico.  Today we dropped him off at the offices, and later got our permanent companions.  I got a companion from Veracruz, and the other Elder Gubler got a companion from Monterey that was with me yesterday.  I´m also a district leader, and our district has been shrunk to just the 4 of us in Kanasin.

Love, Elder Gubler

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