Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
I´m still in Champotón.  Elder Portillo is still my companion.  We are getting a new Elder in our district.   I think he´s American, but he still hasn´t arrived yet so I don´t know.  Right now we are waiting in Escarcega for him to arrive.  The boy we baptized 2 weeks ago is named Eduardo.  He works with the 1st counselor, former branch president, and mission leader.  They brought him to church, we taught him, and he was baptized.  The other converts are doing ok.  The older lady that I baptized is going to church with her 2 grandchildren.  Her daughter got a job and works on sunday, so we are going to see if she can get sundays off.  The other boy that we baptized 2 months ago goes to church for the most part.  We are teaching his mom and hopefully we´ll baptize her a week from Saturday.  Also, we are going to start teaching his brother. 
This last week hasn´t been too good.  My companion and I have gotten a little lazy.  We are going to work harder this week.  We didn´t visit the tourist place 2 weeks ago.  It closed before we got there.  We´ll see if we can go next week.  Last Monday we mailed a huge box to my companion´s house so he wouldn´t have to travel with as many things when he finishes his mission.  I rode with the box on my handlebars.  While we were riding, I hit a little bit of sand, lost control, and fell off.  I got a nice little bump on my leg.  Suprisingly, my shirt wasn´t the least bit dirty.  While I was brushing off, a drunk rode up in his bike.  Just as I was about to tell him we didn´t have time to talk, he asked where we were taking the box and then strapped it to his bike.  We rode with him there and I visited with him while my companion shipped it.  He didn´t ask for any money.  I wrote down the address of the church and gave it to him.  Hopefully we´ll see him again when he´s sober.
Love, Elder Gubler

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