Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
It was really great to talk to you yesterday.  It looks like Kimi had a good time at prom.  I read dad's article on the misery index.  It was very well written.  If you get tired of Visalia and want to move, Stockton is a beautiful city.  The members [here] are helpful.  The nonmembers that have been in church the last few weeks have been brought by members.  We should be having a baptism this week and perhaps a few more before the next transfer (May 29th).  Most of our contacting is done on the street.  There is a carepackage service that the mission recommended we use.  I can get more information on that.  I talked to one lady that works at a courier company and she had the suggestion of wrapping the package using the plastic rings that hold soda cans together.  It would also work well to use those plastic strips that alot of packages arrive in.  Any UPS/Fedex or warehouse should have machines to do that.  (speaking of that, I remembered a funny thing that my companion in the MTC told me about.  His dad's business has one of those machines and he and his cousins like to stick their arms in the machine and have it wrap up their arms.  One time he decided to stick his head and shoulders in it.)  My testimony is growing little by little.  Yesterday I found out that a rock near the Mexico/Guatemala border was discovered, and on it was carved an image of Lehi's dream.  MyLDSmail is for family only.  Dear Elder is what they [ward members] should use.  Everything here is going great.
Elder Gubler

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