Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 23, 2011 letter

Dear family,
How is everyone?  I hope everyone is ready for summer.  The weather here is getting hotter and more humid.  We traveled to Campeche for a zone conference this past week.  It was really great.  We watched a talk from Elder Holland that he gave in the MTC when I was there.  He talked about the things that missionaries don´t do very well, why we have Preach My Gospel, the importance of his and our mission, and that we need to love the people.  This past week we didn't have any baptisms, but we are going to see if we can have a baptism on the 31st.  The goal for the mission this month is to baptize in 2 of the 4 weeks of May. 
I forgot to write in last week's letter about my companion´s ipod getting stolen.  On Sundays we study after lunch.  We arrived at the house, opened the door and put our bikes away.  There were a lot of ants in the other room of the house so I started sweeping them out.  My companion was in the bathroom, so the front room was empty with the door open.  While I was sweeping I could feel that the wind shifted.  I walked into the front room to check what happened.  Everything appeared normal.  I looked out the front door and saw someone running about 2 blocks away.  I looked around, checked that my wallet was there, and figured it had shifted as the person was running by.  I went back to sweeping, and then went to the bathroom.  While I was in the bathroom I remembered that my companion's ipod was on the table in the front room.  It all clicked.  I finished in the bathroom, went and asked my companion where his ipod was.  He looked at the table, under a book, and then said he didn't know.  We got on our bikes and rode for a couple of blocks to see if we could find the person.  We were unsuccessful.  Well, I hope that whoever buys the ipod listens to the hymns and becomes converted. 
I figured out how you can get a fair exchange with your money when you come to get me.  The first counselor and his brother want tents and water purifiers.  You can bring them with you when you come and they can buy them from you here.  Could you also check into some hunting supplies?  They want a whistle that attracts peacocks, and also one that attracts wild pigs.  I´m not sure if these exist or not.  I do know that they make these for ducks.  Maybe dad can ask Steve Koch if they sell those.  Well, that's it for this week.
Elder Gubler

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