Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011 letter

Dear family,
I finally got the letter from grandma and grandpa.  I forgot that it takes 2-3 weeks from the time it enters the mission office to the time it arrives here.  I have all the information to call home.  I'll probabaly be calling about 3 your time, but that is not definate.  Just make sure you don't lose all of the phones right before I call.  It would probably be best for mom to stay home from choir.  Elder Portillo calls home on tuesday.  Mother´s day here is always on may 10th.  Im pretty sure Im over the strep, but my throat doesn't  look the same.  I'm going to have a nurse from the ward take a look to make sure.  There are 3 other people here that have it too.  That's all of my district in the photo.  They are all from Mexico.  I think my spanish is improving, but I can't really tell.  I'll talk to the president next time I see him to see if I can check the blog.  We had a conference in february, and I heard rumors of one in may, but I have no idea.  I saw the pictures mom sent me.  The yard looks great ( the family too, of course).  We had 5 nonmembers attend church this past week.  Elder Portillo and I will work with them to see if we can get them baptized.  This past saturday the branch went to the temple, so we had to cook for ourselves.  We made burritos and watermelon juice.  The refried beans that they sell here are amazing, better than anything I've ever made at home.  One of the investigators bought a sheep, and he's going to bbq it on his birthday.  His birthday isn't until october, so I probably won't be here.  My companion and I got to do a little service this week.  A gigantic pig (I'd say about 400-500 lbs) escaped.  The owner and his son had a rope arround the pig and were trying to pull it into the bed of a truck.  The pig didn't want to go.  It was pulling so hard that the 2 guys were being pulled along with it.  We ran over and helped pull.  After a minute or 2 we got the pig into the truck.  Well that's about it for this week.  I'll call you on sunday.
Elder Gubler

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