Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012 letter

Dear Family,
In Cancun, the beach and resort areas are off limits, but we can see the  rest of down town.  I don´t know why there were special transfers.  It had something to do with the other missionary but I don´t know what.  I left Champoton because the other missionary at that time went home, but here it was just a switching of areas.  This past week were the normal transfers, but I´m  still here with the same companion.  My area in Ticul got closed down, but it should be open again in 6 weeks.  My companion from there came back to his first area in Cancun where he started the mission.  He is in my zone.  The other Elder that I switched with went to Merida.  He has been out for the same time as me.  When we get to 20 months, we get a letter for our return information.  They wanted that information and wanted to know which airport I needed to get to.  I don´t know if Visalia will work, but I put down Fresno.  You should be getting a call some day from the Secretary to make the final plans.  I´m on the opposite end of the resorts.  I haven´t seen any tourists.  Its just the 2 of us in the house.  It has a water heater on the back porch, but it's no good.  I don´t even need it anymore.  I´ll be gone before the cold starts again.  From what I understand, (when my mission is done) we should get to the mission offices on Tuesday, Wednesday we go to the temple and have dinner, and Thursday morning everyone flies out.  Can you check  if my Costco card is still good or if it expired. Morgan Smith's mission got divided into two.  Is he still going to Veracruz? What's the weather like over there (in Visalia?), a few people ask me about it. 

Elder Gubler

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