Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

Dear Family,

This weeks hasn`t been too great, but yesterday we found a nice family to teach. On Friday we found the mom sitting on a bench and we helped her take her bags to the house. We returned yesterday to teach them. The dad worked in Santa Ana, CA 20 years ago and listened to the missionaries there. The mom was interested to learn more. The son is 15 and is studying to be an airplane mechanic.

Our next baptism should be a guy named Juan Carlos (Charly). He`s a nice, funny guy. If you`d like, we can have dinner with him before we fly out. This week we went to his house and found him putting together a nice patio set like the one at dad`s office. I told him about the time when I put it together, and then found out at the end that I had missed a piece, and had to take it completely apart to put the piece on. I noticed that he forgot the same piece, and corrected the mistake.

We are also teaching a couple that grew up in LA and Orange County. The wife is a member, and the husband was baptized in Tijuana , but didn`t get confirmed, so we are teaching him again and he is going to get baptized once they get married. They have invited us 3 times to dinner since I got here (Carls Jr, BBQ, and Italian food).  I`ll answer the rest of the questions next week.

You can have Amanda check my BYU account to see if there are any emails or instructions. You can find my username and password in my scuba binder, its red and has a white diagonal line. It's in my bedroom bookshelf. Put it back when you're done. Someone said that Mack Wilberg died, is that true?  (Editor's note: I checked on the internet, this appears to just be a rumor!)

Elder Gubler

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