Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012 letter

Dear Family,
Elder Gonzalez and I get along fine.  He likes to give a lot of advice that he has heard from President Salinas, which I like, because I do the same thing.  He has been out 7 months.  He´s 19.  His family are members.  He has an uncle and the gospel has really helped him in his life. 

The families that we have been waiting to get married never did and won`t be getting married anytime soon.  We`re back to 0 in our area and will be looking for more people.  This area is a branch, Champoton is a branch, and Kanasin is a ward. 

I`m glad to hear that Mark Sumida got his Eagle.  I wish I could have been at the dinner.  He came to my conservative club meetings at Redwood.  I think I might have talked to his dad one time about dentistry, but I can`t remember. 

Last week I helped translate some legal papers for a member.  He has a family member in the United States that is the plaintiff in a case and needed some papers signed.  I organized the papers, separated the copies,papercliped them, and put on post-it notes to help them.  It was fun to play the part of a lawyer.

The letters from the youth in the ward arrived in our pouch last Monday, so they got to the offices the week before.  I had a repeat experience of what happened when I took Elder Gubler to the hospital, except this time it happened to me.  I got a little bit dehydrated.  I got to the house on Tuesday night with a head-ache.  About 10:15 I threw up, and did so for every hour until 8:00 a.m.  I called Sister Salinas and she told me what medicine to buy.  I had the othe missionaries bring it to our house.  I took the medicine, but stayed in my hammack until about 3:00.  I started throwing up again at 1:30.  I went to the pharmacy to get checked out, and they gave me some medicine.  I went to a member that is a dentist so that he could inject me.  He let me rest on his bed for a few hours, but I threw up afterwards, so at 8:15 p.m. we called Sister Salinas and she told us to go to Merida.  We went to the same hospital that I took Elder Gubler to.  They gave me some IV to rehydrate me.  I felt so much better afterward.  We got to the mission offices at 3:00 a.m. and the next day got back to Ticul.  All is well now.  I´m going to drink a lot more water.
Elder Gubler

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