Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

Elder Lima has been really tired lately, so Sister Salinas recommended that he get these shots.  They are just a few vitamins for the brain. There is an Elder in our zone that went to medical school, so from now on we´ll just have him administer the injections on pday.  He has to get them once a week for 5 or 6 weeks.  We didn't have the baptisms this week.  We are going to get them ready for Saturday.

Last night we found another great family and I´m really excited to teach them. We contacted the husband on our way to church and told him we would visit in the evening.  We passed by and he told us about his minor financial problems that he has had these last few years.  We taught him about  the people in the Book of Mormon about how they started keeping the commandments after the wars and began to prosper, but remained humble.  We told him that if he would keep the commandments that things would work out.  He told us that when he lived in Merida he had lots of friends that joined the church and saw that their lives improved.  This is the kind of thing we love to hear.

Today in the motor-taxi, the driver asked us what we were doing here.  We explained a little bit and set up an appointment for Wednesday.  He has a normal 8-5 work schedule (most work until after 10:00 pm so we can't teach them).  He also told us that he doesn`t drink or smoke.  He`s 19 and he and his wife have a 3 year old.  Last week we found an inactive member and went to teach  him and his wife, who we found out is a ´´Dancer´´ (that uses 12 inch high-heels and works at night).  This should be a good week for us.

Too bad that Lora lost her game, but there`s always next year.  I remember going to the Circus there.  I also got to see Zach Efron play basketball there when I went to see ´High School Musical on Ice´ How tall is Emily´s husband?  Sorry I didn`t send any pictures.  I left my camera in the house.  I´ll get them next week.

Elder Gubler

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