Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

Elder Lima is a great companion.  He is always happy.  He had to get shots on Saturday and the lady that gave them tried to teach me how to do them, but I didn`t want to learn, especially because of the place where they are administered.  Today Sister Salinas called to ask if I could do them, and my companion said no.  The other missionaries in my district are great.  2 from Mexico, 1 from the Dominican Republic, and 1 from Lehi (future date for Kimi at BYU).  I forgot to take pictures this week.  I`ll get them next week. 

It´s great that Kimi is going to BYU summer term.  I think she can take that extra class.  I had biology (3), mission prep (2) dance 180 (.5) 2 classes of raquetball (.5 each).  My biology class was super easy, but I think sociology will be a little bit harder.  Mission prep was only difficult when I had tests.  She may want to consider not taking dance 180 or just auditing it, because it is difficult to get an A, especially for the girls because I recall that for the final they get a partner for their test that they have never danced with before that do the steps a little bit differently.  With her schedule, make sure that the classes don`t spread out all day.  Get them over with before the afternoon.  And don`t take classes Monday evening, because thats FHE. 

This week was pretty uneventful.  These last 2 weeks we haven`t had too much success.  If our investigator prays and gets an answer, we will be having a baptism this week.  We´ve got a few kids that have been going to church, and if they go this Sunday, we can have their baptisms next week.  Their names are Gaspar, Oscar, and Francisco.  This Wednesday I`m going to get my Visa renewed so I can stay here.

Have  a great week.

Elder Gubler

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