Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

I sent a picture of me and Elder Taylor.  I also sent a picture of me, Elder Lima, and the missionaries from Kanasin 2, and now the 3 of them will be companions.  There are 4 missionaries in Ticul.  We have everything west of street 34.  Our branch is called Sierra.  The other missionaries have branches Centro and Huerta.  We also cover Chapab.  I haven`t been learning any Mayan, but I will study my vocabulary list for when we go over there.   We will be going there twice a week.  I don`t know why the 2 of us came at the same time.  The other missionaries that were here both left.  One of them had been here for 6 months, and the other for 3.  I`m still district leader.  The district is Ticul and Muna, one of the places where Elder Portillo served.  Elder Taylor has been out for 2 transfers.  He already finished his training with his other companion.  I like being with him a lot more than with the natives.  Ticul reminds me of a few parts of Champoton.  There are more trees here and a lot more hills.  The members give us food every day.  Its really good.  Everything here is a lot closer.  We have members close by, the church is 3 blocks away, and we have bikes.  I think its hotter here because its farther inland. 

The other building in Ticul is connected to the broadcast system, so we will be seeing conference there.  The building we are in was built in 2009.  It should be getting internet and satilite soon.  The people here have the same technology as us, its just a lot less common because its more expensive and the people make less.  The stake president in Kanasin has an ipad.  David`s wife and kids are doing great.  He hasn`t been going to church because of work, but on his day off he didn`t go to church.  I haven't heard anything from Spencer Gubler.  I would recommend that Kimi go to Dixie.  It will be a lot warmer and there won't be alot of people trying to get married.  I haven't been too diligent in my journal writing, but I`ll get better at it.  Elder Taylor is really good at keeping a journal and I`ll have him to motivate me. 

This week we should have 3 baptisms.  There is a couple that the other missionaries were teaching that should get baptized this week.  We also got a reference for a daughter of less actives.  Next week I`ll go to the restaurant with Elder Taylor.  Thanks for inviting us.

Elder Gubler

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