Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

The 2011 year ended well. There was a lot of traveling this week. I went to the doctor on
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday for my analysis and results. Everything in my blood is normal. The doctor diagnosed me with ``Purpura de Schamberg``. Could you check into that and also ask your foot doctor. What appears to be happening is that the small blood veins in my foot are breaking and then the blood leaves these spots there. They start out red and end brown. On Saturday we went to Izamal to do a baptismal interview. Afterwards we walked by a pyramid and took some pictures. It wasn`t too big. There are other ones there that are bigger I think. After we got back from Izamal, we had the baptismal interview followed by the baptism and confirmation of David. We realized on Tuesday that if he could go that week without drinking that we could baptize him on Saturday. Everything went well. He told his friends that he didn`t want to drink. I`ll also tell him about my investigator that`s in jail. For New Year's, we got to the house by 8:00. We went to church, gave a blessing, stayed at Elder Gubler`s house for about an hour, and then went back to our house. We left again at 4:00. In the evening we ate dinner with a member. We had grilled sandwiches and pancakes. I don`t know Elder Hansen, but I might run into hime someday. Some missionaries from Utah say `fetch`
Elder Gubler goes home on the 20th. Its a couple weeks early so that he can get back into the Marines. I think that is the same day that Colten Rice gets back from Mesa, AZ.
I`m glad to hear that the Z4 and the honda are doing well. Bill Boggs told me that the 90 can't run without a charge in the battery.
Well I hope that everyone has a great year this year.
Elder Gubler

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