Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

The picture of the field is the gravel quarry that Elder Gubler and I stumbled across last week.  I`m actually standing on top of a little cliff and the field is below me.  The food that I sent is called ´Kibis´ Its ground pork, wheat, and herbs mixed together and fried.  They are really good.  It's one of the things that they sell in Merida in the streets, but these ones were made by our converts from Dec. 23, Marcos and Alma.  The pictures I sent this week are from Izamal.  I did divisions there with the former AP who is now in my district as of last transfer.  The pyramid  I`m on top of in the picture is built on top of a flat pyramid in the 3rd picture.  The combined height of the 2 structures is taller than Chichen-itza.  The divisions went really well.  The assistant knows how to work hard.  We taught 8 lessons that day.  After our last lesson at night, we headed off to the house on the bikes.  My chain fell off, and the AP kept on riding without looking back.  After the 2 of us riding around trying to find each other, I said a prayer and rode to the church to wait there.  He met up with me there a few minutes later.  It was a nice reminder that Heavenly Father answers prayers. 
We didn`t have too much success this week with our investigators.  Tonight in district meeting we will be discussing all of the techniques of having success that President Salinas has taught. 
Sorry this letter is so short.  Transfers are next week so the next letter might come later. 

Elder Gubler

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