Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

Elder Spencer Gubler was in the Marines before he came here.  He was stationed in CA, Missouri, and I think he was somewhere else out east.  He got to go to Nauvoo with his mom while in Missouri.  He said he stayed in a really nice hotel kitty-corner to the temple.  We made some plans to buy some land over there and some jet skiis.  He`ll be reporting back to the marines the week after he returns.  He`s thinking about going to Utah State also.  Elder Velasco is doing fine.  Right now we are teaching the sisters of the family we baptized on the 23rd.  Yesterday the parents (less actives) the son and his wife (our convets) and his sisters all went to church.  We`ll be doing some more contacting to find more people.  When someone is going to get baptized, the district leader interviews them.  In my case, the zone leaders come to do the interview. Who did Josh Feil marry?  Is Willson working or still going to school?  

Yesterday we had a baptism of a lady from Telchaquillo.  She`s 50, but looks a lot older.  Her son went to the service.  Maybe we`ll get the chance to teach his family.  He lives in Acanche, another pueblo a little bit closer.  We had the baptism planned for 4:00 yesterday.  There was a couple that showed up on time and we visited with them while we were waiting for the rest to get there.  As we were sitting there talking, I realized we hadn`t checked the font.  I got up, opened the doors, and saw that it was completely empty.  Fortunatley there was a meeting later on in the stake center.  I got the missionaries there to fill up the font, and we and the bishopric went there.  Everything turned out fine.

Elder Gubler

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