Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 23, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

I got my (Christmas) package today.  I went to the (mission) offices to go get it.  I didn`t want to risk another Elder leaving it at his house.  Last week the people that went to get the mail left the packages at their house when they went to district meeting.  On the way we stopped by a museum and also walked along the historic route.  I opened my package at the offices.  The ties and pants look great.  I think I`ll save the pants for the 18 month mark.  I opened the bag of mesquite flavored jerky and shared it with the other missionaries there.  They really liked it.  Then Sister Salinas walked in, and I gave her a piece.  I went upstairs to wash my hands from the chocolate from the Zone Leader`s package, and afterwards she came up to me to tell me how much she liked it.  She said that it was better than the other jerky she had tried because it had a sweeter flavor.  She then talked to President Salinas afterward and called me up to give him a piece too.  On the way back to the bus, I gave a package of fruit snacks and some granola bars to the poor people down town.  When I got home, I mixed in the hot chocolate powder with a glass of water.  It was really hot today.  I think the cold weather has passed for the year. 

Yesterday I confirmed and ordained my convert from the December 23 baptism to the Aaronic Priesthood to the office of a Priest.  His name is Marcos Balam.  His wife is Alma Pacheco.  He baptized his sister Alondra after church yesterday.  We forgot to take a picture beforehand, so we took one afterwards.  The other sister, Francisca, isn`t too excited about baptism.  She doesn`t like to be present for the lessons.  The brother, Eduardo, isn`t sure yet.  He goes to another church with his grandparents.  Could you email me next week my Aaronic Priesthood line so that I can give it to Marcos?

The family that we found last week is doing ok.  Their names are Moises and Sandy.  They have a 4 year old named Megan and a 5 month daughter.  Right before the lesson on friday, Megan ran into the baby and the baby was crying.  She couldn`t raise her left arm.  They took her to the doctor the next day and found out she had a dislocated elbow.  They popped it back in and she cried some more.  They didn`t go to church because they had another appointment with the doctor. 

2 weeks ago a new Elder came from Tampico, Mexico.  He was in a trio with Elder Gubler before he left.  He had already served a year of his mission in another mission next door, but had to go home, and came back here.  I said goodbye to Elder Gubler on Wednesday and gave him some letters for Gubler Grandparents, Greg Peterson, and my companion that went home.  Let me know when they arrive. 

Elder Gubler

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