Monday, December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

Well it was sure nice to talk to you yesterday. After I got off the phone, the members had a couple of sandwiches and a plate of spagetti waiting for me. Rachel called on her cell phone, but the call didn`t go through, so she called about 15 minutes later from the house.

Tell grandpa Keith that we have interviews with the president every 3 months.  I'm still here in Kanasin with Elder Velasco. Elder Gubler got a new companion. I also got another area in my district. The former AP is there now with a new missionary. Its a village called Izamal.

Today I went to a clinic to get my feet checked out again because of the spots. I left my companion in Kanasin and took Elder Gubler with me. The medicine that I had been taking wasn`t really helping because of all of the walking we do. Tomorrow I'm going to get a blood and throat analysis to see if they can find the cause. If they do, I`ll get antibiotics and it should go away. If they don`t find the cause, I`ll have to stop walking. Afterwards I decided to invite Elder Gubler to lunch. We went to a nearby mall. With the Grandparents' christmas money I bought myself a nice tie that has the BYU colors of gold, blue, and white for 103 pesos. Then we went to Sears and I got myself another jumprope for 89 pesos. (my other jumprope never made it to Kanasin. I left it somewhere in Champoton.) After that we went to a food court and I got a giant platter of Chinese food to share with Elder Gubler. After that we got on a bus and got to see parts of Merida that I had never seen. Fortunately the bus passed right by the church where we have our district meeting and there is an internet cafe across the street. Elder Gubler liked your genealogy email. Bruce Gubler is teaching in Ivins. Elder Gubler told me that back when rat tail hair styles were popular, Bruce would cut them off and nail it to a board on the wall of his class. Did you get a chance to run the Honda 90 at the coast? Also, are you still remembering to put premium gasoline in the Z4.


Elder Gubler

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