Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

Dear Family,

This year on the calling, I can`t call.  You have to call me between 4-8 my time.  There are some members that live close by and they said we could use their phone.  Their number is 9991317053.  Calling from out of state I think you have to put a 01 before the number, but I think that is only calling from Mex.  If you call internationally, I think you put 52 before the number.  You can check more into that, and may want to have a practice call before hand. 
We find investigators by talking to people in the street or in their houses.  We usually talk to between 30-50 people a week.  Send the jerky in the package please.  They don`t have it here.  Send lots please.  With the package, its not necessary to unrap and repackage and write not for sale.  Just send it how it is.  The packages of other missionaries get here fine.  But do put a picture of Jesus on it.  Also, could you throw in some fruit snacks and anything else you think I might like.  Transfers are on the 25th.  I`ll probably be going.  Right now I`m eating bananas every day, and every once in a while a few oranges when someone gives them to us. 
I`m glad to hear that Kimi is doing well on her projects at school.  I went to Carlsbad that weekend for wrestling.  I was able to do like 3 or 5 articles on the trip, and did the rest when I got home.  I was at dad`s office until about 2:30 am, and then stayed home all day working on it until 6th period, finished in the school library, and turned it in halfway through 7th. 
Last night I went to the First Presidency Christmas devotional with 2 families that we are teaching.  We should be having 4 baptisms this month.  One family is the one that we helped the husband stop drinking.  They should be getting married next week, and we are going to have their baptisms at a service for the entire zone in the stake center.  The other 2 we found 2 weeks ago.  We found them contacting in the street. 
While Amanda is there, can you download the pictures she took of me at the MTC onto our computer, and also send me a few of them?  Also, can you find out all of the information for getting a pilot's license.
Elder Gubler 

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