Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 19, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
Call me at 4:15 my time on Christmas day please.  Have you already set up the phone and everything you need to call?  In case you forgot, the number is 9991317053.  I highly recommend having a practice call.  You can call them between 8 and 4.  I´ll let them know that you will call.  Just start speaking English, or have Lora talk to them.  The zone baptisms fell through.  There was only 1 baptism that night, so the zone leaders said we might do it again this week.  We will be having 3-4 baptisms this week.  The 2 families that I have sent the pictures of in the last few emails will be getting baptized.  I´ll find out today if I get my package, and if not, next week it should be here.  What day did you send it? With my facebook, you can have Kimi and Lora put posts on my wall from their profiles.  Everyone will be able to read it.  They can also tag me in pictures and it will show up on my facebook. 

Well just in time for Christmas, our hot water heater (electrical cord with a heating coil) stopped working.  I found a temporary solution ( see attatched photo)  that was working pretty well, until it stopped working also.  I'm going to see if the other Elder Gubler can give us an extra iron in his house.  We got our investigatores married last Friday.  2 of the witnesses didn´t show up, so we went over to a nearby member and they helped us out last minute.  They signed the papers and it was official.  This Friday, assuming the husband doesn´t drink, we will have their baptisms.  The other family that we are teaching is doing really well.  They will also be getting baptized this Friday.  This last week they made us dinner to take home 3 times.  The first 2 times they made it really quickly after the lesson, and the 3rd time they had it all ready to go before we got there.  The husband gave me a nice soccer jersey.  I think I will give him my wrestling shirt for Christmas.  Elder Gubler and I have noticed quite a few things that our dad´s do the same.  They both say ´bed time for bonzos' and both put their elbows in our ribs and smack their hands. Well I´ll talk to you on Sunday.

Elder Gubler

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