Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

Well I`m glad to hear that mom and dad got back safely.  Elder Gubler was really jealous to hear that they went there.  Thanks for sending the chapters I asked for.  My feet don`t hurt at all, they just have spots on them.  It cost me 500 pesos to go to the hospital and another 700 for the medicine.  I paid with a little bit of my money and a little bit of the money the mission sends to me.  I sent in the reciepts and they are going to pay me back for everything.  

I got a card from mom`s parents wishing me a happy hump day.  I can`t believe how fast everything has gone by.  The members that we ate lunch with gave me a little piece of cheese cake to celebrate.  

Well this past week was pretty great.  I taught 22 lessons, more than I have taught in any other week.  We had 5 people go to church.  We should be having a baptism this week of the dad that was in the picture I sent 2 weeks ago.  We were going to have  his baptism on Saturday, but he had too much going on that day.  The other family, that I sent a picture of, all went to church.  Once they get married we can baptize them.  We also found 2 golden investigators.  The first one we found Tuesday.  He drinks, but he has read through 1st Nephi and went to church yesterday.  He works everyday 8am to 8pm except for Tuesday, so we teach him every night around 8:45 before we go back to the house.  He talked to his boss and is entering to work at 7 on Sundays so that he can go to sacrament meeting.  The other investigator lives in Telchaquillo.  Yesterday we taught her for the first time.  She has already been to church 4 times.  We almost got her to accpet to be baptized this Sunday, but she wants to wait because she wants a special white dress made for her for her baptism, so we are going to have it on the 18th.

About a week ago the weather had been nice and cool (to the point that I was using a sweater in the house), but these last few days have been really hot.  Yesterday we had what I hope to be the final rain for the year.  From December to June we shouldn`t be seeing much of anything.  My umbrella that supposedly has a life time guaranty doesn`t work anymore.    


Elder Gubler

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