Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 14, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

Well I can`t believe its been a year now.  Only 1 more to go.  I got to go to the hospital last week that I went to with Elder Spencer Gubler, but this time I went with my companion and I was the patient.  Don`t worry, everything is fine.  I`ve had some little brown spots on my feet for a while and I went to get them checked out.  There is something going on with the micro veins on my feet and the red blood cells are causing the spots on my feet.  I got some pills and some cream and it should be gone within a month.  It came from all of the walking and the weather here.

Hopefully we will be seeing a baptism this week of the father of the girl that we baptized last week.  And I hope to see a few more in the future as well.  We went to Telchaquillo to visit someone that has already been to church 2 or 3 times, so we went all the way out there only to find that she wasn`t there.  Once we start the lessons, she should be baptized fairly quickly. 

While you`re in Europe, if you happen to be by a distribution center, could you get me a copy of the Book of Mormon in German?  We had some training 2 weeks ago and President Salinas talked to us about the great opportunity we have here in the field to learn another language.  It is now a rule that all Latin Americans study English every day.  He mentioned a native Elder that is learning English and now is learning Italian.  I figured that if I`m here, I might as well learn German.  Also, could you copy and paste 1 Nephi 1 and 2 (in German) in your next letter?  Thanks.

Elder Gubler

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