Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

We didn`t do anything for Thanksgiving, but tonight I am going to make that lasagna you sent me a few months ago.  I`d like another package.  A pair of black pants from Mr. Macs would be nice.  They should still have my record on file with my sizes and style.  Also, send all of the bags of jerky you can.  Before I didn`t care too much for it, but now it's what I'm craving.  Another Elder gave me a bag of pork jerky.  I ate 3 big pieces, but decided that I had better share it with my companion and a member from the ward (he was very happy to receive it).  Also, I sure could use about 4 nice ties.  Right now I have 4 ties that I use, and they are getting a little bit faded.  I talked to the assistants, and they said we can`t use skype.  I still haven`t had time to read the pages you sent me in portuguese, italian, and german.  
This week went pretty well.  We taught 21 lessons, and we had a baptism (the dad of the girl we baptized 2 weeks ago).  Now all of the family are members, but the other kids are all inactive.  We are going to try and help them get active again.  The family that we dumped out the beer with is doing great.  The husband has been to church twice and yesterday was the 5th or 6th time for the wife.  Her kids participated in the pirmary program.  She even went out and bought a tie for the son.  All we are waiting for is a birth certificate so that they can get married.  It should be coming soon.  This week we started teaching a 15 year old that we had taught a few weeks ago with his uncle.  All week he was really quiet and wasn`t answering too well when we asked him questions, but after going to church and the baptism, he really started talking a lot and I could see a big change in him.  He was even excited  about going to seminary, even though he didn`t go today.  I think we are going to have at least 4 baptisms before Christmas, and maybe more.  On Friday we had a great zone conference.  The 1st counselor in the mission talked to us.  I had no idea that mission presidents had counselors.  

Can you find out how many lessons and contacts Jared Hammer is having per week?  I`m curious about how it is in Europe.  Spencer Gubler says his dad taught 2 lessons in his entire mission.  And also, how often did you teach in Japan?
Well its time to go.

Elder Gubler

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