Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
The house is fine.  It has all tile floors, just like every other single house here.  We were using a washingmachine, the bucket was to rinse the clothes after going through the soapy water.  The President didn't come to our house.  We went to Campeche instead.  We have interviews every 3 months.  Sometimes in the house, sometimes the entire zone in the church.  There are internet cafes all over.  That's where we go.  The library only has 1 functioning computer, so we can´t write there anymore.  Very few people have internet in their house, but it doesn´t matter because we aren´t allowed to use member´s computers.  These past few weeks haven´t been too good.  We walk all over, visiting lots of people, but they aren´t there, or they can´t have a lesson at the moment.  We were stuck in this exact same cycle the first few weeks Elder Portillo and I were together.  Hopefully we break out of it soon.  Sorry to cut this letter short.  Next week we are going to write 1st thing in the morning, and I am going to make sure we get our entire hour. 
Elder Gubler

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