Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
Our Pdays seem to never allow any time to do anything.  It feels like we are always rushed, and email time usually gets cut short.  When I get my new companion in 2 weeks, we are going to get a good system down for Pday.  Hopefully in my next area I´ll get members that wash the clothes and a store nearby. 
Thank you for getting the package mailed.  Did you use US mail?  Did you get the second email I sent last week?  I hope the chocolate makes it.  I´ve seen other Elders get chocolate in good condition.  Well this past week has been just about the same.  We had a few more lessons and contacts though.  We have a baptism planned for the 20th, and there is another couple that wants to be baptized, but we still haven´t been able to get an appointment to teach them.  There is another guy that we have been teaching since March.  He has never gone to church because he always goes to his ranch in the morning on Sunday.  Last week he was at his ranch riding his horse, and he got attacked by bees.  He fell off the horse, and the horse ran away.  He looked behind him and saw all of the bees coming, said a quick prayer, looked again and said that they all disappeared.  He said that he has to go to church now becuase of this.  He said he would go yesterday, but he ended up going to his ranch again.  We´ll see what happens with him.   Just now this guy next to me on the computer asked how he could attend church.  He lives about 20 minutes away from Champoton.  We took down his address and gave him the address to the church. 
I´ve been the pianist in church for the last 2 weeks.  I may not know very much, but I´m the only one that can read the notes.  I make a few mistakes, but it turns out pretty good.  There is one other person that can play the top notes, but he only goes about once a month because of work.  Today and tomorrow I am going to be doing divisions with the other Elder Gubler.  This is the only time in the history of the world that 2 Elder Gublers will be companions.  A few weeks ago we got a portable DVD player.  Every companionship has one now.  They are using it to help in companionship study by watching segments from "The District 2"  The district leaders also have "The Restoration" "The Testaments" and "To this end was I born."  We are allowed to watch the movies in the evenings.  In response to dad´s question from a few weeks ago, the avocados here are huge.  Yesterday there was one about the size of a grapefruit.  In Escarcega, they eat avocado with almost every meal because there are so many trees.  The Elders there are really putting on some weight.  I´m staying about the same.  I was about 175 last time I weighed myself, but that was in April.  In the MTC I was 188.  When I go to Mérida to drop Elder Portillo off, I´ll see if I can weigh myself again.  I haven´t had too good of luck with my health for the last few weeks.  3 weeks ago I got sick from some food, 2 weeks ago I got strep throat again, but it went away.  I also had diarrea for a week and a half, but thats gone too.  While I was on divisions with Elder Calvert, he got sick and then got me sick, but its just a sore throat and mucus, and it should be gone by tomorrow.  Any news on mission calls for David Younie and Derek Hayashi?  Can you check my Wells Fargo balance?  And can you call Adrian´s in St. George to see if I can wash my CTR clothing suit pants.
Elder Gubler

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