Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

To me the house is so much better than in Champotón.  It's actually possible to walk around in it.  It's got a main room with a kitchen and a bedroom.  My companion says its the worst of all the houses he has been in.  It makes me appreciate my time in Champotón   because its all uphill from there.  But we will probably be changing houses because there are a lot of insects and spiders and ants and worms in the house, and there
isn´t any water.    Its just the 2 of us in the house.  The neighbor has a washer, and there are members nearby that have washers too.  Kanasin has 2 areas, and a little bit of it is covered in an area from Mérida.  There is one ward in Kanasin.  The investigadores here were really good, but they weren´t progressing when I got here.  My new companion is Elder Abarca from Cuernavaca.  He goes home this transfer.  He was companions in the MTC with an Elder from Champoton.  The transfer was a result of an Elder going home.  He was sick a lot  and had other problems.   All transfers are notified the night before.  The call usually comes around 10:00 p.m. and the next day they leave.  This one was more difficult because I had to leave so early.  The next time I transfer, I´ll only be up until around 12, and I'll be able to sleep until 6:30.  There are 2 new missionaries in Champoton.  I got a call from one of them asking what to do.  I passed some information over to them.  I got my shirts on Monday.  The AP´s were in Campeche for a conference, and they brought them to the office, and I got them in a district meeting.  I should be getting the packages today.  The Zone covers Kanasin and some of Merida.  Elder Higginson got transfered, but he´s still in the same zone.  He's from Huntington Beach.  We can go anywhere we want in Merida, all we have to do is notify the district leader and get approval.  There is a member that can take us to Costco in his car if we buy him soda.
Well this last week has been great.  It started off slow because Elder Abarca had to have his pday.  We found 7 people this week, but only 1 went to church.  The rest we´ll get to go next week.  The other Elder Gubler got transfered to Kanasin also.  I´ll be seeing him on Sundays and Mondays and during the week if a family signs up to feed the 4 of us.  I am really going to enjoy this area.  Tell Kimi and Lora that I saw a zebu, and I ate some of it for lunch.  How are Felipe Garza and Jared Rodriguez doing?  Thats all for this week.

Elder Gubler

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