Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
My exchanges with Elder Gubler were great.  He is my ZL (zone leader).  I got to work with him because our companions went to Escarcega to work with the Elders there.  He taught me about the power of goal setting, and how easy it is to develop talents.  It really changed my perspective on life.  We`ve offered to help the rancher, but its never happened.  On Saturday we went to check to see if he would go to church.  His family is so funny.  They had just gotten back from the ranch.  They were covered in blood (including the mom) from a bull that they butchered.  On Sunday he didn`t go to his ranch, with plans of going to church, and he got called into work because of a robbery the night before so he didn`t get to go.  The weather reports are accurate, but the weather is the same every week.  Don´t worry about sending them anymore.  We hold English class every week, but nobody shows up.  On Saturday we got notified that we were eating with our branch president instead of the family we normally go to, so we had to walk way far to get there, thus not being able to go to the English class.  As we were walking I said that today would be the one day that people show up and...I was right.  After lunch we ran into the guy that went to the class.  He had brought 2 friends with him also.  We told him what happened and said that we would be having class the following week.  We participate in all of the ward activities.  On saturday we had an activity for all of the youth.  We were outside playing arround before the activity.  We got to watch a really cool storm roll in.  The wind was the strongest I had ever seen, and it knocked me over as I ran to get  inside.  Don´t worry, I'm fine.  We have a baptism planned for this weekend, and another one planned for the 10th.  We have a couple that wants to get baptized, but we have to wait until they get married.   Thank you again for getting the packages sent.  We have a zone conference this week so hopefully I`ll get them. 
Elder Gubler

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