Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
Sorry about yesterday.  We got up to go do laudry at a members house.  I left a hose filling up a bucket in the house.  Elder Portillo wanted to go get food so we left.  We came back 15 minutes later to find the house flooded.  I got to clean that up for about an hour, and I was finishing just as the mom walked in.  She wasn´t mad.  We got back, dropped off our white shirts at the cleaners, and left for Escarcega.  We got there and I wanted to go write, but Elder Portillo wanted to eat.  We only had time to do one option.  We started walking to go write and Elder Portillo looked upset.  The Elders from Escarcga called and said that they had told the family that 4 Elders were coming to eat, and didn´t want to go back on what they had said.  Not wanting to make Elder Portillo and this family mad, I decided that we could write after the meeting.  We went to eat, and then went to the church to have our meeting.  As we were walking, there was a horse tied up to a fence.  It kicked, but I didn´t see it.  I was right behind it and it kicked again.  Its leg shot right infront of my face.  I was fine, but it really shook me up.  One more step closer and it would have taken off my head.  We had our meeting, and then Elder Calvert and I caught the last combi back to Champotón.  We got back, I bought some groceries, and then went to write.  I called Elder Portillo to ask him if he had already written President Salinas.  I asked if I could write today, but he said that we wouldn´t write until next week.  I was pretty mad, and today I called him several times to see if we could write.  He didn´t know that I didn´t write the family, and when he found out, he said I could write. 
Well our numbers have been pretty low last week, and we didn´t have a baptism, but we had 7 nonmembers go to church.  The problem is that we have hardly been able to teach them.  Once we get the lessons going, we will see more baptisms.  This Saturday we might have one.  She has been going to church and her husband is a member, but with his work he is gone every 2 weeks.  He´s back this week, and we want to teach every day with them and have her baptism Saturday.  With the rest, we´ll see what happens.  Here are some things I would like in the care package: A couple of MRE lasanguas from Sport Chalet, powerade/cristal light packets that you pour into water bottles, a few hot chocolate packages, 4 things of dental floss, some cinnamon toothpaste (crest), if you can find a nice black backpack that would be great.  Something that looks somewhat durable and with waterbottle holders or those outside mesh pockets, jerky, some good granola bars, oatmeal packets(apple cinnamon, brown sugar, peaches and cream) freeze dried icecream, snickers with almonds, Reeses, payday, a few Koolaide packets (blue, green and yellow are best), and a few $1 bills and coins.  Don´t worry about deodorant or popcorn,  they have it here.  Also see if you can download some individual mtab songs from itunes, you should be able to buy each one for 99 cents.  I like Spirit of God, Called to serve, Battle hymn of the republic (version with drums and trumpets is really good), come thou fount, Praise to the Lord the Almighty (if you can get the version that has the fanfare at the beginning it would be great), the morning breaks, all creatures of our God and King, Organ music, all of the christmas songs (especially I saw 3 ships).  See what you can find.  Thanks.
Elder Gubler

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