Wednesday, April 13, 2011

March 21, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
In case you want to look us up on Google Earth, we live on street 28 between 29 and 27, on the side closest to the ocean in Champoton.  Our house is the one that has a little tiny cement patio.   Its just to the south west of 2 houses that have big yards.  This last week we taught 12 lessons without a member, 2 with a member, and 3 to less actives.  All of them are in their homes.  We've been having problems with our investigators because they aren't keeping their commitments and some of them we can never get a hold of.  We do have one investigator who is reading and going to sacrament meeting.  He hasn’t been drinking since we asked him to stop.  We should be able to baptize him on the 2nd if everything goes well.  We finally got the 16 year old baptized.  We bought him a white shirt and tie.  I think his mom will follow, because she showed up to the baptism and wants visiting teachers.  We have other people that we need to get motivated.  We found a great young family that lives across the street from us.  They accepted everything and the dad said he was really glad we talked and listened to him.  He has drug problems but I think he can overcome it.  My dictionary is too big for my pocket.  But I was able to learn a few things from a native.  Elder Vickery and the other trainer in our district had to go to Merida for 3 days of conference, so I got to have this elder as a companion.  It was great having someone that speaks Spanish natively.  I learned a few more words and phrases.   

This past week has been pretty good.  It was especially wonderful having a native companion.  We were able to find a family in which only the mom is a member, but inactive.  The husband is pretty much in agreement with what we teach and I think we are going to baptize him and the 3 kids.  Im pretty sure I was led to the house by the spirit.  The only reason we found it was the following....We took a wrong turn onto a street.  As we were going down the street and I realized this, I thought maybe we took a wrong turn for a reason.  I turned arround and contacted a house.  It turned out to be a JW, but he was the first JW to pay attention.  We moved on, and I decided to contact a street that was a little out of the way.  There was a house that at first I was thinking we should pass by, but I noticed that it was green, just like JW´s house, so I figured we might get lucky again.  The mom of this family answered and we set up a return date...
I also had another great spiritual experience...We left the house and started walking to our next appointment.  We went almost 2 blocks when I had a feeling that the door was open in our apartment.  We turned arround and went back to our apartment.  The front door was closed, but the back door was open.   I was glad we went back, because when we leave it open, rats get in.  Also, because we were delayed with this, we were able to run into our appointment, who was going in the opposite direction of his house.  If we hadn´t turned arround, we would have had rats in the apartment and we would have not made contact with our investigator. 
Elder Gubler 

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