Wednesday, April 13, 2011

March 28, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
For General Conference, we will go to the Stake Center about 45 minutes away to watch the Sunday sessions(Eddy sent the following info so we could look up his house on google earth).  We don’t have a house number, but we’re on street 28, between 27 and 29 [in Champoton].  We are about in the middle of the street, on the side closer to the ocean.  Our backyard is a little cement patio.  It’s surrounded by roofs.  I don't really need a dictionary.  I can say pretty much whatever I want.  I just need to work on my pronunciation and verb tense.  I still use the shoulder bag I brought, but I have sewed it several times in several places.  I think I'll get a backpack eventually.  Not very many people have computers.  Most people have DVD players.  We have videos that we can show, but we don't do it very often.  You don't need to send dearelders anymore.  I have enough time to read them when I write, as long as they aren't super long.  I haven´t gotten Grandma Gubler’s letter yet.  I've been using the magic tricks.  The kids really like them. 

This week we didn´t get to do as much because we spent 2 days in a conference to learn how to teach.  The family that lives across the street from us is doing well.  They have testimonies of the Book of Mormon and are praying daily as a family and individually.  The husband asked us how he can repent of his tattoos.  Before we left for our conference, we stopped by to say hi.  The following time that we went to visit, he told us that he had been planning on doing drugs that day, but because we stopped by, he didn’t have that desire to do it.  There is a part member family that is progressing again.  The parents aren´t members because they aren´t married.  Last week they told us that they didn´t want to investigate anymore, but this week the husband told us that he is going to stop drinking, and the entire family showed up to church.  We have another investigator that is doing well, but he went out drinking with his friends so we'll have to wait on his baptism.  That´s about it for this week.  I finally got some pictures sent. 

Elder Gubler

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