Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 25, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

The training went well.  I taught ``Teach people, not lessons´´  I gave a demonstration, and ran a practice for the missionaries in the zone.  The techniques for that principle is the model of teaching (questions, listening, discerning, and teaching), and what to use when you teach (experiences, knowledge, testimony, feelings, and scriptures). Sometimes missionaries fall into the trap of just using knowledge, and not any of the other methods.  I compared that to using ties, and that we shouldn`t use the same tie every day. 

Elder Gonzalez is from the state of Mexico.  He has a Dodger`s hat that 
he got from his cousin that lives in L.A.  I don`t know a whole lot about him.  He seems like a good companion. Today we cleaned our house for almost 3 hours.  I rearranged our shelves of missionary supplies and we dumped cleaner on the floor and scrubbed it with brooms.  I have to cut today a little short. 
Where is Paden Law going on his mission?
Elder Gubler

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