Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

I can`t believe it has been 2 years since I was at BYU.  Time sure does go by fast.  My suitcases are in OK condition.  They aren`t perfect, but they still work.  I`m glad I saved my other square suitcase at home.  How much is the rent where Kimi is at (at BYU)?  Mine was about $450 I think.  Do you know what is going to happen to the old Heritage Halls buildings?

By the way, happy father´s day.  Do they still pass out the chocolates after sacrament meeting?  I`m sure grandpa Gubler liked your article.  I did.  I read them every month. 

This week didn`t turn out like I had hoped.  We were going to baptize one of the kids from the family we are teaching, but he didn`t pass his interview.  This week it should happen though.  We found a few new investigators.  There is an inactive family that has a few kids that aren`t members.  We`ll see how it goes with them.  The daughter seems really interested.  This week the ZLs, DLs, and trainers are going to give a training meeting to each of their zones.  I did this a few months ago when Elder Gubler was still here.  My training skills are a lot better, and I got assigned to teach the parts that I wanted.  I`ll spend the night in Merida on tuesday with Elder Calvert.  He´ll be home in September, and maybe Kimi can go to visit him.  I think dad will like him.  He `s a good basketball player.  He`s only 5`9``, but he could dunk before his mission.  I sent a picture from the MTC that I found.
Elder Gubler

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