Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012 letter

Dear Family,
It was nice to talk to you last night.  Today I talked to the secretary to find out when we go home.  He is going to ask President Salinas next Monday. 

This last week went by well.  We had another great zone conference on Wednesday.  We ate with some members after we got back to Ticul.  There was way too much salt in the food.  Every bite just tasted like salt.  About 8:00 I started feeling it in my stomach.  I couldn´t sleep because it hurt.  I threw up 4 times between 11:00 and 1:00, and after that I could sleep.  It was during that time that I noticed the blood spot in my eye.  I´ll send a picture in another email. 

When we go to Chapab, we leave our bikes in the house of the other missionaries.  When we got back from Chapab, they decided to play a joke.  There is a window in the door of their house.  If the window is left open, you can open the door.  We got there and they came up to us with a worried look on their face.  They asked us if we had just barely gotten back.  They looked worried.  We got to the house and they said that the window was open when they got there.  I got scared and they opened the door.  Our helmets where thrown on the floor and the bikes were gone.  I felt bad because I thought maybe I had left the window opened and that it was my falt.  I felt a little better when I noticed that their DVD player was still there and was relieved to see that it hadn´t been stolen.  There was a note on the floor.  My companion picked it up and it said ´Ha ha sus bicis estan arriba´´ (your bikes are upstairs) I, however misread it and thought that it said that our visas where expired.  That made me a little upset, thinking that the person that had stolen the bikes was making fun of us.  Then after the other missionaries were laughing I realized that it was a joke.  After that we went to an activity for the branch.  We played a giant version of Shutes and Ladders on the basketball court.  There was a pretty good turnout.  The kids of the mechanic showed up.  Also, an inactive member that we contacted that week and his wife went. 

In the zone conference they told us that starting in August we would be using to create a profile and during the week chat to people about the church.  There is and will be a lot of curiosity about Mitt Romney.  Some sister missionaries where on an island by Cancun.  Some Jewish people asked if Mitt was from their church and then wanted to know what we believe.  In addition to this, the missionary discussions are on the site and after we teach an investigator about a principle, we send them to to watch related videos (like people that overcame problems with the Word of Wisdom and share their testimony).

When you go on my facebook to put the notice about me having 6 months left, be sure to mention the blog with the same wall post.  Also, can you look at my list of friends from BYU and let me know who is on missions and where?  Thanks.

Elder Gubler. 

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