Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 30, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

The other missionary [in the picture I sent last week] is Elder Schang from Layton.  He came on the mission the same time as me, and we stayed at his house several nights when we couldn`t get back to Kanasin in time after district meetings.  The picture [of the baptism I sent last week] is of Fernando.  His last name is Tun Yah.  I also sent a picture of the motorcycles at church.  On the right side is a moto taxi.  I haven`t heard anything about the couple from Kanasin.  When I left the wife was going to Church, but David hadn`t been for a while because of work.  My half of Kanasin was closed for a few weeks, but its open again.  I`ll send a letter to them someday.  When we got off the bus at Cancun, we were given a sandwhich, cookies, and a juicebox.  We were given explicit instructions to not order any food while in Cancun.  After the conference, we ate Little Cesar`s before getting back on the bus. 

I attached a picture of a campaign add of a guy running for Governor of Mexico.  Thousands of those stickers have been made.  Its the size of the back window of a car.  It has a lot of holes poked in it so that you can see out your mirror.  Maybe you can make some of those if dad gets a lot of donations when he runs again.  I got the sticker from some members to put on the back of the Honda.  We had transfers yesterday.  Elder Taylor and I are still here.  One of the missionaries from the other area [of Ticul] went to Escarcega, so we are with his companion until tomorrow when he gets a new missionary. 

Fernando is doing great.  He went to church yesterday with a white shirt and tie.  We didn`t have any investigators in church yesterday, but we have some good people that we are teaching right now.  On Saturday we found an old guy that knew the first missionaries that arrived in Ticul in the 60`s.  He has some interesting stories.  He was friends with a guy that took over some of Albert Einstein`s projects.  If the couple [we are teaching] gets married this week they will be baptized, but if not we will stop teaching them until they get married.  Their names are Jorge and Victoria.
Elder Gubler

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