Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear family,

The couple [which we have been teaching] still hasn´t gotten married.  They were going to go Friday morning for their blood samples (the only thing they are missing) , but they woke up and had a flat tire on their trike, so they worked for a few hours to get some money and then took it to get it fixed, but there were other people waiting, and by the time they finished it was too late.  We talked to them and they said they would be going this morning at 6:30, so we´ll see.  On Saturday we contacted a family in a mechanic shop.  As soon as we said "hi" they offered us some of their breakfast.  We taught them and the parents accepted a baptismal date.  In the evening we took the husband and the kids on a church tour.  They didn´t make it to church on time, but we went to look for them after the sacrament.  I went with one of the members to pass by their house.  I found out that this member was a companion with Kavika Marcelino from the Visalia 2nd ward when they served in Tampico, Mexico.  The family made it for the last part of sacrament meeting and stayed till the end of church.  I played the piano for the sacrament hymn and the closing hymn.  In the evening we taught a guy that went to church that day.  His wife is a member but he isn´t.  Marcos, my convert from Kanasin, is his nephew.  His dad and the guy we taught are brothers.  I showed pictures to him and his daughter, who had never seen her cousins. 

Today we played basketball for 2 hours with the other companionship from Ticul. 
Call me at 8:00 my time for Mothers Day.  019979720661.  Do a test call this week.

Elder Gubler

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