Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 20, 2012 letter

Dear Family, 

My throat was hurting for most of the week, but the hurt is gone now.  I have 1 more bottle of medicine to take and then I`m done.  We might be having a baptism this Sunday.  It could have been Thursday, but the kid didn`t go to church so we might do it after church this Sunday.  This Sunday is stake conference.  My first Sunday in Kanasin was also stake conference.  We have some good people we are teaching, and we are going to try and find more.  All of the people that we had been visiting since January haven`t been progressing, so we are going to be dropping a lot of people.  There is one great family that we are teaching.  They live in an older house that has subdivision all around it.  We were walking by in the evening 3 weeks ago and saw the grandpa outside.  We started talking to him through the gate   but he didn`t want anything, but we kept talking until his daughter came out.   We set up an appointment and came back the following week. This week we taught a few more members of the family.  Yesterday the grandpa and 2 grandsons went to church.  The mom and daughter are the ones with the most interest, but they have to work on Sundays.  They invited us for pizza, and we`ll see if tomorrow we eat it.  
With the study program, we study chapters and priciples from Preach My Gospel.  They give us so much time because we are supposed to sit down one on one and do roll plays of investigators.  Our DVD player stopped working this week, and I don`t know if we`ll get another one soon.  We also watch a lot of segments on them for the study.  The weather reports are kind of accurate, but I havn`t seen any rain recently.
Rachel told me about the baby.  I´m sure the other grandchildren have some great names picked out.  Oi.  Tee-hee.

There are a couple of Elders here that can marry Kimi. The former assistant goes home in 4 weeks.  I´ll send his picture next week.  He lives in Lehi and is going to BYU summer term.  Also, there is another Elder here that Kimi could marry and join his band.  He has the most amazing voice I have ever heard.  They literally could make millions making CD`s of the hymns.  His band was going to be the opener for Camila, one of the most popular bands in Mexico.  The only problem is that he doesn`t speak very much English, but he did tell me in English that he wants to sing for the Tabernacle Choir.  

This year, do they have the rule about the seniors in Seminary only being able to miss 11 days, or did they get rid of that?  I tried to open the video that you sent me, but it didn`t work.  Maybe it will work with a different computer.  

Well that`s all for this week.  

Elder Gubler.  

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