Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 4, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
Last Monday the rain can down super hard in the evening.  The other Elders in our district didn´t have time to take a bus, so they would have to spend the night with us.  In the evening we divided and Elder Calvert and I went to pick up some hammacks from a member so they would have a place to sleep.  Its a little more than 1 mile from the church to the members´ house.  It was sprinkling a little bit as we left.  Of course it was the only time that week that I didn´t have my umbrella with me, but Elder Calvert and I shared his little umbrella.  We got about half way there when it started to rain a little bit harder.  About 4/5 of the way there, it got superhard.  There wasn't any cover.  We got really soaked.  We made it to the taxi stop to get a little break before making it the last half block to the house.  We decided to make a run for it.  The street had tons of water in it and my shoes got wet.  We made it to the gate, but it had a chain arround it.  I was trying to open it, but I had my bag in one hand and couldn´t put it down.  Their overhang was directly above us and all of the water was cascading over us.  Finally the son ran out and opened the gate and we got inside.  We took a taxi back to the house and everything was fine.   Because there was so much water in the air, everything in the house (books, clothes, hammack) got slightly damp for a few days.
Yesterday we had the baptism and confirmation of Pablo.  On Saturday we went to drain the font and refill it for the baptism.  To drain it, we use a motorized pump.  The pump didn´t work, so we had to scoop it out with buckets.  To make things more fun, it was water that came up the drain from the toilets (similar to what came up in the bathtub when our septic tank backed up).  We got the water down to about 6 inches and figured that was good enough.  The next day we filled it back up.  We have baptisms planned for the following 3 weekends.  Transfers are next week, and normally 4 transfers is the most we will have in an area, so we'll see what happens. 
Elder Gubler

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