Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

The rain is really starting to come down.  Before, it would rain for a few minutes in one spot and that would be it.  Saturday, the cloulds all gathered together and it really came down hard.  There was also lightning.  One bolt was so loud that I had to cover my ears.  On Sunday, it rained all afternoon and evening.  It rained for about an hour this morning.  This past week was great.  On Monday the Elders from Escarcega were able to spend the night with us because the next evening we traveled to Campeche, and there wasn´t any point in them returning to the area the next day and then coming back in the evening.  Even though we had cut our hair the week before, we had to cut it again because they told us that we needed it short for the conference with a GA.  We borrowed clippers from a member, and Elder Calvert from Utah cut my hair.  It was by far the best hair cut I have ever had.  After that we fried some chips and bananas.  I mixed together fresh honey and hot sauce.  It was a great combination.  The next day we did divisions.  That evening we traveled to Campeche to spend the night with the zone leaders.  They live on the other extreme of Campeche, and it was a 20 minute taxi ride.   About 12 minutes in, Elder Calvert asked me if we were almost there.  He looked pretty sick.  When we arrived he ran into the bathroom and started throwing up all of the chips and oreos he had eaten.  We ordered pizza that night, but Elder Calvert didn´t want any.  The next day we got up and went to the stake center.  Elder Octaviano Tenorio spoke to us.  On Thursday we got a call from the 2nd counselor saying that he had a reference for us.  The next day we went to his house and taught one of his daughter´s high school friends.  He accepted a baptismal date for the 10th next month.  We gave him a Book of Mormon.  The next day we taught him again.  He did his reading, and yesterday he went with us to stake conference.  It was a great conference.  For the month of July we should be having a baptism every weekend.  We already have planned for the 3rd and the 10th, and if we can get some other investigators to commit, we will baptize the following weeks also.
I like things a lot better without bikes.  It's a lot easier to stop and talk to people.  Between the 2 of us, we have enough money for 30-40 taxi rides each month, which is more than enough.  And with all of the rain, we wouldn't be able to ride bikes anyway.  I still haven´t used the jump rope yet because there isn't enough room in the house or the patio.  I don´t remember if I told you, but an Elder in the MTC snapped 2 of the bands, so it doesn´t give me enough resistence.  When I get to my next area, Im going to buy some weights.  I still haven´t written other missionaries yet, but I will if I have time today.  I still have a little bit of deodorant and toothpaste that I brought with me, but you can send more in the next package.  I have only used my glasses once to protect my eyes while frying.  Sorry, I have to go now.  I´ll answer the rest of the questions next week.
Elder Gubler

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