Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 11, 2011 letter

Dear family,

It looks like you had a great trip to Washington.  I wish I could have gone.
Transfers were yesterday.  Right now I'm writing from...Champotón. (Ed didn't get transferred, although he has been in Champoton for 6 months. He is still with his 2nd senior companion, Elder Portillo who goes home next transfer).  Yesterday we had the baptism of Manuel.  We forgot to fill up the font on Saturday, so we woke up at 4:30am to go fill it up on Sunday.  We slept on the chairs in the church for a little while.  We had the baptism before sacrament meeting.  I got to baptize him.  I was still changing out of my wet clothes when sacrament meeting started.  I got changed and walked in right when they were going up to the stand to confirm him.  I walked up and then the branch president had me confirm him.  The following Sunday we have another baptism for a different Manuel.  Both of the Manuels are in their early 20´s and look a lot alike.  We have a few more investigators that we are going to try to prepare for the last 2 weekends in July. 
The chalk board picture I sent last week was from our activity we had in June.  I thought I had talked about it in another email.  We did an activity where we are flying a plane and it crashes and everyone dies and gets to see the 3 kingdoms.    Pablo´s last name is Hernandez Espinosa (last week's baptism).  The girl is his neighbor.  She was baptized about 3 years ago.  She just happened to be wearing all white that day.  We haven´t taught any of his family yet.  I don´t know if they want to listen or not.  The zone conference was held in the stake center in Campeche.  President Salinas talked, and then the wife of Elder Tonorio, and then Elder Tonorio.  We didn´t interview with any of them.  You only interview in conferences if you make an appointment.  I´ve included a picture of the baptism yesterday and Elder Calvert and I. (Manuel is wearing a girls blouse because it was all we had.  There used to be lots of white clothes, including jump suits, but it magically disappears from time to time.)
Elder Gubler

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