Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
Thursday was our last day to use bikes.  Our number of contacts has really dropped because we use bikes all of the time.  We got a call from the zone leaders and an AP and are no longer using the bikes.  It was good timing because we left them in the house of our mission leader the night before.  Since then our contacts have significantly increased.  On friday we got positive responses from almost all of the contacts.  We now travel in taxi more often, which is a great opportunity to talk with the drivers.  Most of the drivers accept a return visit.  The humidity is fairly high at times.  Not very many houses have AC.  Our house has a great cooler.  It helps a lot, especially because our house is hotter inside than outside.  Some people have citrus trees, and usually its lime.  My first converts have  a lot of citrus trees.  I think they are mostly orange.  A family told me that in an area in Yucatan, they have tons of orange trees.  It haven´t paid any attention to the avacados, but I´ll take a look next time.  Efforts improving means that the numbers of lessons, contacts, baptismal dates, church attendees are improving.  Every pday we email our president with the numbers and a message.  I finally got the pictures today from Rachel, Kimi, and Lora after nearly a month.  I sent a package of Elder Vickery´s to his family and threw in some letters to Grandma and Grandpa Gubler and Lisa Mann.  Could you check if they ever got them?  I got the addresses for the other missions today.  Thanks.  If you run into Elder Wiscombe from Davis, CA in Budapest, tell him I say high.  We were in the same group at Fresno EFY.  He left the MTC the week before I got there.  With Mike Lane gone, I think dad is going to be appointed the next Mayor.  I forwarded an email to you that I sent to Lora regarding an important chapter in Gubler Family history.  Make sure you read it to the family. 
Elder Gubler

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