Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

I got to see all 5 sessions of conference this past weekend.  I only missed the first hour of the last session.  This was an eventful weekend.  On Saturday we woke up and studied, and then went to conference.  Between sessions we went with our investigator Viridiana that got baptized yesterday.  She made us really delicious Chinese food.  For dessert she gave us jello that is made with milk.  After lunch we went back to the stake center to watch the afternoon session.  When it was over we had the baptismal interview for her.  After that we watched priesthood session.  Viridiana´s baptism was planned for Tuesday, but we changed it to Sunday so that her husband could go.  We also had an investigator named Lefi that had her baptism planned for Sunday, but we couldn´t see her Thursday or Friday, and we didn´t have a chance to teach her on Saturday.  We got there on Sunday not knowing if she was going to show up.  To our surprise, she was the first one there of our investigators, and asked us about her white clothes for her baptism that day.  We had her interview after the first session on Sunday, and in the afternoon she came back for her baptism.  When we first started teaching her, she told us that she didn´t want to get baptized alone.  Fortunately everything worked out and she was baptized together with Viridiana.  About an hour before the final session, we found out that the pump to get the old water out of the font wasn´t working, so we had to scoop it out with buckets.  Most of the zone helped us out, and we had a line on each side of the font to scoop up water and dump it in the bathroom.  We finished and were able to watch the rest of the last session.  They set up a t.v. in the high council room during the last session so that the American Missionaries could watch it in English.  

Elder Gubler

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