Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012 letter

Dear Family,
My new companion, Elder Moreno, got here the same time as Elder Velasco.  My companion from the MTC was his trainer.  He has been out for 13 months now.  His last area was in Chetumal with my old companion Elder Taylor.  His is from the state of Mexico, near Mexico City. I'm still a district leader.  There are quite a few missionaries from my group that are finishing as district leaders and zone leaders and trainers. 

This month there were quite a few birthdays to be celebrated.  The bishops daughter, me and 3 other missionaries that have been in the ward also have birthdays in October, so we had a little party today.  There were the 4 missionaries in the Palmas ward, and the bishops wife and daughter.  We played the game that we played with the 11 yr. old scouts where you have to eat a doughnut hanging from a string.  Then we ate a very delicious cake.  It was a nice birthday surprise. 

This past week Elder Moreno and I found 9 new investigators.  Things are looking very good for this transfer.  I´ll give you more info on them next week.

I´ll send my school scheduling ideas next week.  If possible, could you go to the professor rating website and find out which are the best.  Also, check out when the volleyball classes are.  I want to take one this semester.  They fill up fast.
Elder Gubler

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