Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept. 10, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

This week we found 10 new investigators.  Only one of them made it to stake conferene.  Her name is Viridiana.  Her husband is inactive.  His cousin Moroni told us to go visit him.  We also are teaching a nice family with kids ages 6 and 7.  They didn´t make it to church because of some problems the husband is having with some medical papers, but hopefully they will go this week.  The rest were ok, and we´ll see who we will keep and who we will drop this week.  On the 18th will be our next baptism.  Its a girl named Diana.
Can you have Amanda log into my byu.edu account to check if I have a restriction on my account.  When I canceled my winter housing contract 2 years ago, they blocked my account so I couldn´t schedule any classes, and it wasn´t unblocked last time I checked.  Rich Davis sent me an email, but its a rule that we can't read emails from non-family.  Can you please inform him, but let him know that we will talk when I get home. 

Elder Gubler

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