Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012 letter

Dear Family,

Last week after I finished writing, we went to eat, grab our bags, and left for Mérida.  We cut it a little bit too close to getting there on time, but everything was fine.  On the bus ride over we watched the Doctrine and Covenants DVD which includes the Joseph Smith movie, John Tanner, the guy that worked on the SL temple with a peg-leg, Legacy, and Mountain of the Lord.  The last movie finished up as we were arriving in Cancun.  We got to the stake center, got assigned to a missionary house, and then took a taxi.  There were 10 missionaries in  the house.  There was only enough hooks to have 8 hammacks, so I slept outside on the balcony with a missionary from Utah.  It was nice to have the breeze and see the clouds passing by at night.  It rained a little bit at 1:00, but it wasn`t a lot.  The other missionary didn`t even notice.  We got up early, got ready, and left.  We got there at 7:00 (they asked us to be seated at 8:00), and there was a large line of missionaries waiting.  We were among the last to get in.  Elder Anderson got there at 9:00.  There were also 2 members of the 70.  Everyone went up by rows to shake his hand.  I told him Keith Brimhall said "hi", and he kept hold of my hand and asked me how I knew him.  We talked for about 30-40 seconds while everyone else was lined up behind me.  Afterwards a few other missionaries asked me what he told me.  

He talked about how we shouldn´t baptize if the person isn`t ready.  President Monson had said that we should wait and prepare them better.  He talked about education.  He also talked about repentance and said that sometimes we don`t forget about sins because the Lord doesn`t want us to make mistakes, but with time we remember less and less, then there will come a time when we are praying and will remember a sin.  We will ask if we are forgiven and will feel the spirit when we do. 

On the bus ride back there wasn`t any movie, so a group of us gathered in the back of the bus and started talking.  One of the topics was High School Musical.  One of the Elders went to East High, and another one was actually in the movie (but he never watched it).  They said that Zack and Cordin are really short.  The basket ball hoops were lowered and they had to film about 10 times before they actually made the shot. 
This week we had baptisms.  I sent pictures. 

Elder Gubler

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