Monday, April 9, 2012

April 2, 2012

Dear Family,
We live on street 48 between 17a and 17.   Across the street is a little open field with houses on the other side.  Our house is next to an empty lot.  It has gates with diagonal bars going both ways.  If you go to the maps on you can see the meeting houses.  Uxmal is off limits.  The only reason I could go to Izamal was because the pyramid was inside the area.  The restuarant was great.  I got ´Queso Relleno´  The thing at the top part of my plate that looks like a peach cut in half is a type of cheese with some ground meat filling.  The rest of the plate is bits of cheese, pork, tomatos, onions, and the sauce is called Kol.  It's made out of flour and milk.  Elder Taylor ordered grilled pork.  We each got soda.  The total came out to 190 pesos.  Don`t worry about reimbursing it. 

As district leader I do divisions about every transfer.  I interview their investigators.  The zone leaders come to interview ours.  This past week we had a baptism.  The parents are members but don`t go very often because of work.  The daughter turned 9 on Wednesday and they wanted to have her baptism that day so that she would always remember it.  Because she is 9, it's registered as a convert baptism.  We taught her twice and she was ready.  There is another couple that can be baptized once they get married. 
General Conference was great.  We had to have investigators if we wanted to go Saturday morning and afternoon.  We got there and were waiting for investigators to show up Saturday, but nobody came.  We still watched it though because a member brought her boyfriend.  We got to go to Priesthood session regardless if we had investigators.  Once again we got surprised by the time change.  It was what I thought was 9:00 and was cleaning up an egg that fell when I got an electrical shock from cracking it (don`t ask me how because I don`t know), when all of a sudden a member pulled up to take us to conference.  We got ready quickly and left.  I cleaned up the egg at night.  2 investigators made it to the afternoon session on sunday.
Elder Gubler

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